Hi! Assalamualaikum.

Zzzz I stress yknow. Why? Because tmrw gt exam sejarah dgn sains2. Omg!!!! Mana boleh masuk semua sekali. Dgn form1 form2 lagi. Aaaahhhh >< Takkan lah nak gagal? No no no. I don't makes my parents sad. Hmm what should I do? Study? Yes. I'm studying. But... zzzzz i don't know. Hahahaha. Wish me luck guys!! "sejarah senang kalau kita ingat jalan cerita dia" - Afiqah. Yeah always remember that. How about sains? "sains kena banyak membaca" - Afiqah. Erm erm ya ya I will.......Thanks for the support Afiqah!! :D Hmmmm I will try my best for tmrw! Yeah!! :D Oh btw, seriously I miss him. Where did he go? Busy? Spend time with his family/friends? Hmm maybe?? Well next week he will be sooooo busy with his new life. Goodluck ys! Take care. I love you XDDD Okbye.